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Redone Berkley Single-Family Home with Water Views Asks $2M

New roof, new doors, new lighting — it's almost unrecognizable

While this Berkley single-family home looks the same on the outside as it did when it was last sold in July 2013 for $1.64 million, it's pretty much completely new on the inside. According to the listing, everything from the lighting to the roof to the alarm system to the hardwood flooring is completely new. The front doors and all five sliding glass doors were also replaced for good measure. To top it all off, all five-and-a-half bathrooms were redone.

When not distracted by the waterfront views of the Georgetown Reservoir, homebuyers will probably be taken by the built-ins, the expanded master bedroom, and the patio. To help with the mortgage, there's also a two-bedroom in-law suite

The asking price for this five-bedroom listing totals $2.325 million.

4662 Charleston Terrace NW [Redfin]