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Home Affordability in Washington, D.C., Mapped by Metro Stops

The Red Line has the most expensive homes nearby, while the Green Line has the most affordable

Location, location, location — this phrase is always on homebuyers' minds as they search for their next home sweet home. In the D.C. area especially, this phrase is closely correlated with commute times. How close you are to a Metro stop and which stop you're located nearby can totally affect your quality of life and also the price of your house.

Just recently, Estately proved this to be true by releasing data on home sales that occurred over the course of the last six months within a one-mile radius of a D.C. area Metro stop. During their research, they discovered that the most expensive homes are more commonly found near the Red Line, while the most affordable homes are near the Green Line.

Below, you will be able to see the top five most expensive stops in the D.C. area, according to Estately:

  1. Bethesda ($882,500)
  2. Tenleytown ($839,950)
  3. Friendship Heights ($805,000)
  4. Medical Center ($755,000)
  5. East Falls Church ($740,000)

If interested in seeing where you can get the most out of your money, you can find the top five most affordable stops below:

  1. Naylor Road ($143,000)
  2. Largo Town Center ($159,000)
  3. Suitland ($168,000)
  4. Landover ($175,000)
  5. Addison Road ($175,000)

To take a closer look at the data, be sure to see the original Estately article here.

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