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D.C. Remains Sixth Priciest City in the Nation

Median monthly rents are high and they keep getting higher

Washington, D.C. continues to be one of the priciest U.S. cities to rent in, according to the latest national rent report from Zumper. This past February, the median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment was $2,170, up 1.9 percent month over month and 8.5 percent year over year. For two-bedrooms, the median monthly rent rose to $3,000, up 2.4 percent month over month and 8.3 percent year over year. Los Angeles is gaining on the District, only a few hundred away from stealing the ranking as the sixth most expensive U.S. city to rent in, but don't hold your breath.

To create each rental report, Zumper analyzes over 1 million listings in the U.S. on a monthly basis. If interested in taking a closer look at the full report, be sure to see the document here.

Zumper National Rent Report: March 2016 [Zumper]