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National Building Museum to Host 56-Foot-Tall Icebergs This Summer

Tap into your inner Titanic by visiting the National Building Museum's upcoming summer installation

Mazes, mini golf, a beach—now what? Year after year, the National Building Museum hires architecture firms to go all out with an interactive installation in the main hall, and it looks like this summer we will be seeing icebergs. Washingtonian reported that the New York-based James Corner Field Operations—the same guys behind the High Line—plan on constructing icebergs that will rise as high as 56 feet. These structures will be made out of reusable building materials.

According to Washingtonian, the space will be divided by a water line where visitors on the ground floor will be "below sea level." There will also be seating for lounging, an "undersea bridge," caves and grottoes, and some shaved-ice snacks.

The installation, simply titled, "ICEBERGS," will run from July 2 to September 5.

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