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From a Hulk Hogan Chair to an Adel Rootstein Mannequin, Here Are Today's Most Unique Furniture Finds on Craigslist

On Craigslist Clearance, Curbed searches through the classified advertisements website, Craigslist, in order to find the most unique, delightful, strange, and opportune furniture finds, from award-winning designer chairs to antique radios-turned-jewelry boxes. Only Craigslist listings located in the DMV area are considered.

Museum Piece from the Smithsonian Institute Museum
According to the seller, this Chinese Chippendale Mahogany sofa is "easily worth" $10,000. Because the seller moved to the Philippines, he or she hopes to sell it as well as an antique chair as soon as possible. This "museum quality" sofa dates all the way back to the 18th century and features a detailed carving in the frame of a Chinese pagoda and gondola. The sofa measures 78'' x 37'' x 37''.

Vladimir Kagan Snail Coffee Table
This curlicue coffee table is often sold for more than double what this seller is asking. What causes this mid-century modern piece to be so pricey is that its designer is none other than Vladimir Kagan, a furniture designer pioneer whose works have appeared in the homes of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt. If identical to this piece selling on 1stdibs, then its dimensions are 14.75'' x 42 '' x 36.75''. In the listing, the seller indicates that this piece does have some wear and is in good condition as opposed to excellent.

Three Haitian Wooden Artworks
$150 (for all three)
You don't need to go to Haiti to be exposed to the artworks found there. Thanks to this Craigslist seller, you can nab yourself three wooden reliefs that have been hand-carved. No dimensions are provided.

Adel Rootstein Mannequin
Now, you can own a mannequin designed by someone regarded as a pioneer. Adel Rootstein transformed showroom dummies to the creepily accurate dolls found today, facial pores and all. This piece is in excellent condition, according to the listing.

Summerslam Ringside Folding Chair
What you gonna do when this chair is up for grabs? You buy it, of course! If you're a WWE super fan, you can get yourself one of the chairs from the ring side of the Summerslam match in 2005. This match featured famed wrestlers/retirees Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels. If interested in beginning or continuing a Summerslam ringside folding chair collection, a few more are also on the market.
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