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Chevy Chase's 'Lilac House' Gets Price Chop

Purple price dropper

Is there such a thing as too much purple? Maybe so. Chevy Chase's "Lilac House" has been on the market since November 2015 and has experienced two price chops since then. Just recently, the price dropped to $945,000, down from the original $1.1 million. Regardless, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom bungalow has some unique pluses that really back it up as a sight to behold, both on the inside and the outside.

Some of the most standout features include its patio and expansive lawn. The lower level was also converted with two guest suites, a renovated bathroom, and a playroom. On the main level, the full bathroom was renovated and features an unlimited hot-water heater, according to Urban Brokers. Finally, the master bedroom doesn't only come with a spacious walk-in closet. It also offers a master bathroom with heated stone floors and a custom walk-in shower.

3032 Stephenson Place NW [Redfin]