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Vacant H Street Hardware Store to Become Nine-Unit Mixed-Use Development

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See what to expect!

On H Street NE, Park's Hardware has been closed since November 2015 with little information as to why or what will come next. Now, thanks to an application for special relief filed with the Board of Zoning Adjustment, details have been revealed that the vacant, one-story commercial building may eventually have a three-story addition.

The plans are for a mixed-use development with nine residential units and a restaurant/public hall. There will also be a green roof and two compact parking spaces.

Three of the residential units will be penthouses. Some of the units will feature sliding Murphy beds as well as balconies and private patios. There are no reports yet on whether or not the residential units will be apartments or condos or what the prices will be for each. The units will range from 400 to 900 square feet with each only having one bedroom.

The building will be covered in a brick veneer with metal paneling and synthetic wood siding. The existing masonry block facade will be repaired and preserved, according to the application filed with the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

When it comes to the location at 920-922 H Street NE, it is more than desirable. Within 0.1 miles from the property, there are nine Metrobus stops accessible. Additionally, there is a stop for the H Street streetcar and a Capital Bikeshare station only a block away.

In the Board of Zoning application, the developer filed for variance relief from lot occupancy, off-street parking, and parking space size requirements. The developer argues that the two lots that the project is located on are too narrow and shallow to comply with the 70 percent maximum permitted residential lot occupancy.

A minimum of 10 off-street parking spaces are also required due to the 46 seats planned in the public hall space in the cellar and the nine dwelling units proposed. Constructing an underground parking garage to satisfy this requirement is impossible, though, according to the application.

Finally, when it comes to the size of the parking spaces, the developer hopes for them to be a minimum of eight feet wide and 16 feet long as opposed to the required minimum of nine feet wide and 19 feet long