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Here's The First Known Photo of the White House

In the year the above photograph was taken, the Mexican-American War began, the Smithsonian Institution was established, and Iowa was admitted as the 29th U.S. state. The U.S. was already well into its eleventh President, James K. Polk, who was a North Carolina-born Democrat who formerly served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Entrepreneurial photographer John Plumbe, Jr. took the photograph in 1846, capturing the White House in a state that is similar—but not identical—to what is found today.

If you look closely at the photograph, you'll be able to spot the differences. Ghosts of DC noticed that the top floor and Truman Balcony of today's White House are absent from this photograph. Are there any other details you see missing? Let us know in the comments.
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The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, , DC 20500