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Big Reveal: $619,900 for a 2-Bed Condo in Logan Circle

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Out of 10 guesses, only two Curbed readers were in the right ball park when it came to pinpointing the price of this Logan Circle condo. The closest guess came from one anonymous commenter who was only $100 away from the actual asking price, $619,900. This commenter also had the lowest guess out of everyone, so the seller maybe should consider hiking up that ask.

Most guessed somewhere between $725,000 and $789,000. Only one anonymous guest believed that this two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo is on the market for $1.1 million, but it's not a bad guess when you consider how the unit has rather luxurious features. Think 20 linear feet of floor-to-ceiling windows with custom roller shades added on.

What do you think of this asking price? Is it too low? Is it a little high? Let us know in the comments.

· 1133 14th Street NW #1104 [Redfin]
· PriceSpotter archive [Curbed DC]