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Former Airbnb party house in Dupont Circle drops price by $2M

Perfect for those who always wanted a British telephone booth elevator

All photos via Compass

This Dupont Circle single-family home, formerly known on Airbnb as the "Celebrity House Hunter Mansion," was once an infamous party house that had the police called to the property more than 100 times in a matter of one year.

The party house didn’t get shut down until last year when D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine terminated the Airbnb due to the host not having a proper business license. Now, it’s up for grabs, and for a lower price.

The listing first landed on the market this past August for $4.5 million. Recently, it’s been relisted as two separate units, one asking $2.5 million and the other asking $2 million.

The less expensive listing comes with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2,805 square feet of space. The pricier pad surprisingly offers one fewer bedroom, one fewer bathroom, and 410 square feet less space.

Inside, some of the most luxurious features include a heated swimming pool on the rooftop deck, private alcove, and 18-foot-tall waterfall. There is also a koi pond, climate-controlled two-car garage, and British telephone booth elevator.

2220 Q Street NW Unit A [Redfin]

2220 Q Street NW Unit B [Redfin]