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Nooses found at Wharf construction site

The employee who discovered the nooses has since left his position at the construction company

Earlier last week, construction workers at The Wharf found two nooses placed on the site. In a statement, Clark Construction Group LLC’s Vice President Matt Haas said that a subcontractor employee was “involved in the incident” and was terminated from the project.

Terrell Powell, an electrician’s apprentice who found the nooses, told Fox 5 News, "There are several black people that work there, but I feel like I was being targeted because what are the chances that one black man [is] going to find two nooses on the same day on the same job?" Powell has since found a new job, according to Fox 5 News.

Following the incident, a series of meetings were hosted to “underscore Clark’s zero tolerance policy for such action,” as stated by Haas.

The Metropolitan Police Department were not notified of the incident, according to The Washington Post.

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