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Brand new tiny office/studio created in D.C., called Minim WorkSpace

Monthly prices for the licensed trailer range from $675 to $925

Image courtesy of Brian Levy

[UPDATE: A previous version of this article referred to the structure as a tiny home. Because it has neither a kitchen nor a bathroom, it is not considered a residence.]

Those who live within 75 miles of Washington, D.C. have the chance to lease the area’s newest mobile office/studio, known as Minim WorkSpace. The shape and design of the licensed trailer should seem familiar for anyone who may keep up with all of the tiny home news in the area.

The trailer is a sort of cousin to Minim House, D.C.’s most well-known award-winning tiny home. It’s also made by the same creator, Brian Levy, who is also the mastermind behind D.C.’s tiny home production line and one of D.C.’s two tiny home communities, known as Micro Showcase. [UPDATE: Minim WorkSpace was created by three people, including Brian Levy. The two others include David Bamford, behind production and design, and Chris VanArsdale, who was behind legal and finance. The name of the three-person team is Minim Homes.]

Minim WorkSpace measures 8’6’’ by 12’’. It features keyless entry, a five-foot electric sit and standing desk, table, six-foot-long sofa, and LED lighting. It also offers air conditioning and heating. A microwave, sink, and fridge are also included.

For those interested in sending deposits for leased units, delivery is expected by March of 2017. Monthly lease pricing per unit ranges from $675 to $925 with a $250 delivery and set up fee. The minimum lease for a unit is six months.

Tours can be scheduled on the Minim WorkSpace website here.

Minim WorkSpace [Official website]