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The Curbed Cup is coming! Name 2016's best D.C. neighborhood!

Make your nominations in the comments

Now that the year is almost over, it’s time to pause and consider the best moments and the worst moments of 2016. For those who are filled with local pride, Curbed has an (imaginary) award meant to help make the year’s best neighborhood official.

In previous years, neighborhoods like Petworth and Navy Yard won the Curbed Cup for a variety of reasons, chosen solely by Curbed readers. This year, it will be up to the readers again to decide which neighborhoods should claw to the top.

The Curbed Cup is similar to a March Madness bracket in that 16 neighborhoods will face off with every week’s winner chosen by voters in a poll. But which neighborhoods should be included? That’s up to the readers to decide. If you don’t want your neighborhood possibly ignored this year, be sure to let Curbed know by leaving a comment below or emailing Curbed DC’s tipline.

If interested in seeing which neighborhoods have won the Curbed Cup, check out the list below.