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Design the perfect Metro map with this interactive game

Finally, a way to design all the improvements you’ve dreamed of

Image via WMATA

Plenty of complaints have been vocalized about the Metro system in Washington, D.C. Now there’s a way to design the map you’ve always wanted. A new game, titled “Brand New Subway,” was released by engineer Jason Wright for New Yorkers to craft a brand new MTA subway system route.

With the game, players are able to choose which city they’d like to re-envision by adding new lines and creating new stops. At the moment, ridership projections and scoring won’t work outside of New York City.

Wright told Curbed DC that a newer version will be created for the entire continental U.S., but it won’t be ready until maybe spring of 2017.

To better understand how to play the game, check out the video below, or simply give the game a whirl over here. You can also load a version of the current Metro map by downloading this saved game.

If interested in sharing your creation, you can leave a comment below with a screenshot of your map.

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