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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (2) Capitol Hill vs. (10) 16th Street Heights

Which neighborhood should advance? Cast your vote now!

Photo via Thomas Hawk

Capitol Hill

Photo via <a href="">Zach Stern</a> Photo via Zach Stern

Capitol Hill is "probably" the largest neighborhood in Washington, D.C. as well as one of the most diverse, according to We Love DC. Along with distinctive features like Eastern Market and Barracks Row, you can also find residents that range from recent college graduates to empty nesters.

Over the past few years, a myriad of conversions and redevelopments have caused Capitol Hill's real estate market to grow with classrooms, auto repair shops, garages, and hospitals turned into housing. The neighborhood is also home to the District's tiniest home.

16th Street Heights

This home is currently asking $815K.
Photo via Redfin

While Woodridge topped Redfin’s list last year for hottest D.C. neighborhood of the year, 16th Street Heights made second place for Redfin’s list this year. In this quiet suburban area, visitors can find brick rowhouses, semi-detached Tudors, and colonials. Rock Creek Park is also nearby along with the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation.

Recently, flipping has been a common sight in the neighborhood. Earlier this year, this renovated six-bedroom listing sold for $1.285 million, more than double than what it previously sold for in December 2015, which was $555,000.