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‘Design Star’ Tyler Wisler opens up on what to expect for 2017’s Home + Remodeling Show

“Design should be accessible to everyone”

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In the upcoming Home + Remodeling Show from January 20 through 22, HGTV’s “Design Star” Tyler Wisler and “Kitchen Crashers” Alison Victoria will headline the event in order to answer questions on design and home improvement.

Located at Dulles Expo Center, the event will feature over 300 exhibitors, seminars, and home remodeling products as well as a tiny home and 1,400-square-foot smart home.

Wisler has over 16 years of experience in the industry and has been featured on Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and NBC’s “George to the Rescue.” Recently, Wisler was able to take the time to speak with Curbed on what the public should expect when he arrives on the Main Home Stage on Friday, January 20, the same day as Victoria.

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His presentation will discuss 10 design tips that everyday designers should know and might not necessarily think about.

“At the end of the day, design should be accessible to everyone, and what I do for a living is not really accessible for everyone,” said Wisler. With his advice, guests at the Home + Remodeling Show will learn which projects are and are not worth tackling on one’s own as well as what the role of the interior designer is.

The role of the designer, according to Wisler, is to act as air traffic control. There are all of these planes flying around (“ideas”), and it’s up to the designers to navigate when these planes should take off.

Originally, Wisler wasn’t sure if he wanted to become a designer, though he did say that he always had art in his life. Once it was time to go to American University, though, friends of his would often tell him, “You should be an interior designer,” after they would see how well-designed his dorm room was.

It didn’t click for him at first, but after transferring schools to New York School of Interior Design and graduating from Marymount University with a BA in Interior Design, he knew he found his calling.

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He describes his personal style as having a “glam-ish kind of vibe” with darker colors and industrial elements. Even so, he says that as a professional interior designer he’s able to mix it up for clients with differing styles.

“What I do for clients is make sure they are in a space that represents them best. My personal style isn’t always what I create for them because, as a designer, we should be able to use all those skill sets to make the client happy because at the end of the day they’re living in the space,” said Wisler.

If interested in checking out this year’s Home + Remodeling Show, you can buy tickets here.

Home + Remodeling Show [Official website]