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315-square-foot home in Bethesda asks head-scratching $459K

That’s $1,500 per square foot for what might be Bethesda’s smallest single-family home

Usually, tiny homes are constructed as a way to show how homeowners can be economical with their space. They’re also typically temporary living spaces that are made to be more affordable to the everyday homebuyer. For some reason, this Bethesda tiny home seems to have forgotten that.

With one bedroom and one bathroom across 315 square feet of space, this single-family home is on the market for $459,000. Washingtonian did the math, and that equates to nearly $1,500 per square foot, way over Bethesda’s average of $423 per square foot.

The listing dates back to 1940 when it was built as a cabin. Inside, there is a washer and dryer somehow crammed inside along with a stove and oven, sink, and upper level that leads to a living room and loft area. Off-street parking is available.

If interested, take a look inside with the photos below.

This 315-Square-Foot House Can Be Yours for $459K! [Washingtonian]

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