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D.C.'s favorite artists, according to Spotify

Childish Gamibino, Imagine Dragons, and Justin Bieber have made an appearance on Spotify’s city-focused playlist

Now, you can find out what a myriad of cities and countries are listening to on Spotify with help from the music streaming platform’s newest version of their “Musical Map of the World.” At the moment, those who live in Washington, D.C. listen to Childish Gambino the most out of any other artist on Spotify. Other artists who topped the list include Justin Bieber and Imagine Dragons.

The audiographic interactive map offers playlists organized by city and country with each song compiled depending on what Spotify listeners in certain areas play the most. The playlists in the map are updated weekly.

In comparison to the first “Musical Map of the World,” this version has new cities, four new country-level playlists, and a native pop-up player.

According to the website’s blog, “It’s a great way to understand the musical character of well over a thousand cities worldwide.”

Below, check out the Spotify playlist for the District.

You can also find Spotify’s Musical Map of the World 2.0 below. Simply click a country or city to see what music is being listened to there.

Musical Map of the World 2.0 [Spotify]