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Curbed Cup 1st round: (1) H Street NE vs. (16) Navy Yard

Which neighborhood should advance? Cast your vote now!

H Street NE

Atlas Performing Arts Center Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Smallbones

The Washington Post once described H Street as "reborn." After the 1968 riots, H Street Corridor was known for boarded-up buildings, but now the one-and-a-half mile stretch is known as Washington, D.C.'s second-largest commercial hub. It is also expected to gain over 1,200 new residential units in the next few years. A variety of conversions are also in the works, from a body shop to a church.

The area is also known as the Atlas District due to the area housing the Atlas Center for the Performing Arts. Along with Petworth, H Street Corridor is one of the most home flipped neighborhoods in the District, according to DataLensDC.

It is expected to get a new mixed-use project where the H Street Connection shopping center is, as well as a new coworking space and artist incubator space in other locations.

Navy Yard

Nationals Park Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Carol M. Highsmith

Originally, this neighborhood was named Navy Yard because of its time as a former shipyard for the U.S. Navy and as the headquarters for the Chief of Naval Operations and the Naval Historical Center.

Now, with a burgeoning retail and restaurant scene along with Nationals Park enticing tourists, a portion of the area is now being labeled The Yards. Over $1.2 billion has been invested in the neighborhood by District and federal governments in the past 15 years.

In terms of what to look forward to in the future, you can expect approximately 4,500 new residential units to be built in the next couple of years. Eventually, the neighborhood will also host Southeast D.C.'s first luxury cinema complex.

So, which neighborhood do you think deserves to move onto the next round? It’s your decision. Cast your vote below.

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