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Trump’s D.C.’s Hotel was vandalized again

Several Downtown buildings, including the FBI headquarters, were also spray-painted

It was only a few weeks ago that Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C. was spray-painted with messages like “No Justice” and “Black Lives Matter.” This Saturday, vandalism struck the Pennsylvania Avenue building once again, this time with the words, “corrupt” and “we suck.” Scratch marks were also found on the front doors of the hotel.

DCist reported that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) arrested two men on Saturday around 11:15 a.m. for vandalizing not only the Trump International Hotel, but also the FBI headquarters and an MPD cruiser. Both men were charged with resisting arrest. The men were Eric Roberts, 27, of Florida and Danny Hamilton, 35, of Louisiana.

Demonstrators participating in the Million Mask March also reportedly spray-painted several Downtown buildings and sidewalks.

FBI Building And Trump Hotel Were Vandalized This Weekend [DCist]

Trump International Hotel, Washington DC

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