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Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola is feasible, but is it worth it?

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The possibility for a gondola system connecting Georgetown with Rosslyn is no longer up in the air. This week, a $190,000 study conducted by ZGF Architects LLP confirmed that the proposed transit system is both feasible and legal.

With “no fatal flaws” found in the study, the service would serve at least 6,500 passengers each day with 24 cabins. Crossing the Potomac River would only take four minutes with cabin pickups every 20 seconds. The cost to construct the gondola system is estimated between $80 million to $90 million with fares still undetermined.

Making the gondola system a reality is still expected to take over six or seven years with a majority of that time dealing with an extensive, multi-jurisdictional and multi-agency approval process.

Rather than express any unasked for opinions, Curbed instead wants to see what the readers have to say about this new development. Is it too costly to be worth considering? Or is it actually relatively affordable in the grand scheme of things? Is the gondola system something that readers can anticipate using? Let Curbed know what you think in the comments below.