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White House fence plans to be reviewed by NCPC on Thursday

The next phase for the development plans will soon be evaluated

After multiple instances of people jumping the perimeter fence at the White House, the Secret Service has been evaluating what the best plans might be to make the area more secure. Proposed ideas have included a moat, an electrified fence, and sharp fence clip-ons, otherwise known as "pencil points." This Thursday, the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) will review the next phase plans for a higher fence at the White House.

In July 2016, the options for the new fence were unveiled, ranging from the simple to the ornate. The preferred option is for a fence measuring 10 feet and seven inches on an 18-inch stone base with one-foot-tall “anti-climb measures.” The proposal was submitted by the National Park Service in coordination with there Secret Service.

For more information on what to expect, be sure to check Curbed DC later this week for an update on the NCPC’s decision on the perimeter fence.