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The history of 127K buildings in D.C., revealed

HistoryQuest DC will allow the public to know the ins and outs of urban development in the city

This Monday, the D.C. Historic Preservation Office announced the launch of HistoryQuest DC, a brand new GIS-based web map that allows the public to get an inside look at the history of approximately 127,000 extant buildings in Washington, D.C.

Some of the information offered with the web map include links to documentation on properties, information on historic residential subdivisions, and boundaries of the L’Enfant Plan. The web map also identifies the boundaries of the city’s Squares and Wards.

This new tool from the D.C. Historic Preservation Office is still a work-in-progress, so expect it to change, grow, and be corrected as time goes on.

If interested in giving HistoryQuest DC a whirl, go to the official website here.

HistoryQuest DC [Official Website]

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