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What D.C. residents should avoid discussing over Thanksgiving dinner

Instead, talk about the weather ... everyone loves talking about the weather ...

Let’s face it: 2016 has been a tough year for everyone. No matter what your beliefs are in politics, housing, or what have you, there has been something at some point that has made you think to yourself, “Aw, jeez.” Indeed, it can be tempting to vent these frustrations to others, especially family members, but don’t forget what happened at last year’s Thanksgiving when you brought up that one topic. It was pretty uncomfortable for everyone.

For those in need of a few tips on what not to say at this year’s Thanksgiving, Curbed has compiled five major don’ts, listed below:

That new mega-project planned in the neighborhood

It’s big. It’s expensive. And it has the potential to bring in way more traffic, tourists, noise, etc. etc. etc. We get it. Your opinion definitely matters, and it’s always worth listening to in the ANC meetings, but right now all we’re thinking about is how many slices of ham we can get before Grandma starts side eyeing us with judgment and possibly also possessiveness. If in need of another conversation topic, how about we simply compliment the Aunt who brought in the potato salad. Thanks, Becky.

How high the damn rent prices are

They’re high, and they keep getting higher. Don’t try and one up somebody in the family with how egregious your rents are in comparison to theirs. It hurts for everyone, or should I say.


Honestly, there isn’t much to disagree about when it comes to SafeTrack; it’s been a major pain in the butt. Additionally, with all of the cuts proposed by the Metro General Manager, a conversation about WMATA will just cause some to feel a mixture of anger, sadness, and confusion. Sure, whether or not SafeTrack is a necessity might not be the most divisive issue for D.C., it’s still a big fat bummer. Let’s keep the conversation light and instead focus on how great the growth of Capital BikeShare is. Nobody can get mad at bikes. Nobody.


First they came for Columbia Heights and H Street NE. Then they came for Navy Yard and Shaw. What’s next? Anacostia? The benefits and drawbacks of gentrification have been discussed for ages (and should continue to be discussed), but how about we forget about the new burrito sushi and rolled ice cream shops in the neighborhood for a moment until after the turkey has settled in our stomachs.

Donald Trump

Just don’t do it. There’s no point. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s just too much to say. If you’re at a rally, go ahead and talk your head off, but if you want your family members to be willing to pass the gravy train your way, it might be better to veer away from the man and maybe more towards ... how about his hotel? Nah, never mind. Just leave it alone.