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Following Trump win, inauguration hotel bookings in D.C. slower than usual

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Even Trump supporters are taking their time to make reservations

With every presidential election season, there tends to be a larger quantity of requests for hotel bookings in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration. This year, though, phones in the District’s hotels have been quieter than usual.

The Washington Post reported:

“In a departure from the postelection booking frenzy that generally descends on Washington’s toniest properties every four years, hotel managers in and near the District say they’ve received very few calls as stunned supporters on either side of the aisle pause to process the election results. Nearly all say they expect their rooms to eventually sell out, albeit gradually.”

The Washington Post further reported that “calls from Trump supporters since his victory have been all but nonexistent.”

Not every hotel in the District is experiencing a slow season, though. While hotels like the St. Regis hotel and the Fairmont in Georgetown have received a lower number of calls than expected, both the Hotel George and Hotel Monaco are approximately 90 percent booked for the inauguration.

D.C. hotels were expecting an inaugural booking frenzy. Instead they’ve got vacancies. [The Washington Post]