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13 new affordable housing projects in D.C. announced

From Walter Reed’s Abrams Hall to Ward 5’s Delta Towers, see what to expect

Mayor Muriel Bowser is continuing her mission to add more affordable housing to Washington, D.C. with an additional 13 projects announced. Bisnow reported that the projects will receive money from the Housing Protection Trust Fund (HPTF) in the effort to create more than 1,200 residential units. The entire development is expected to cost over $400 million. The District will subsidize $107.9 million.

Since coming into office, Bowser has committed $100 million every year to the HPTF, more than any city per capita in the country. For the 2017 fiscal year, Bowser announced that $106.3 million will be invested towards 19 other projects in Washington, D.C.

The newly announced projects include Abrams Hall on the Walter Reed campus, which will have 80 units and cost $24.5 million. Other projects include St. Elizabeth’s East housing at 1000 Alabama Avenue SE (252 units, $99 million) and Diane's House at 2619 Bladensburg Road NE (42 units, $11.2 million). A few preservation projects include apartments 617 Hamlin Street NE (80 units $20.4 million) and Maplewood Courts at 2300-2308 Hartford Street SE (94 units, $22.5 million).

For the full list of all 13 projects, be sure to go to the Bisnow article here.

D.C. government announces 13 new affordable housing projects [Bisnow]