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From drab to fab, see a Chevy Chase home’s total transformation

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Before-and-after sliders galore!

From the inside out, this Chevy Chase single-family home has undergone a complete makeover with new paint, hardwood flooring, and an expansion that includes a two-car garage.

Just walking to the front porch is a completely different experience than it was before. The landscaping has been redone, and the facade features an all grey color. Inside, the residence comes with an open floor plan, recessed lighting, and an all-white color scheme. The kitchen also boasts a tile backsplash, island, and stainless steel appliances. In the bathrooms, there are freestanding tubs as well as walk-in showers.

Before it was updated, the kitchen was pretty narrow and featured red wall-to-wall carpeting. The living room and office offered wood-paneled walls. The basement was also yet to be fully finished.

For more photos inside the renovated residence, check out the gallery below.

Still interested in seeing what the listing used to look like? See the gallery below for more photos.