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Georgetown University’s plan to fast-track hospital addition falls through

Now, the University will have to wait until December 1 for the D.C. Zoning Commission to further consider the hospital addition

Georgetown University has a big plan for its future, and there were hopes to expedite part of the plan’s finalization. This Monday, the D.C. Zoning Commission turned down the request to fast-track construction for a new medical/surgical pavilion for the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

The Georgetown Dish reported that the Commission refused to allow construction to proceed immediately in order to allow more time to review the project.

Organizations like ANC 2E, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, and the D.C. Office of Planning supported the University’s request to fast-track the plans. Despite this, Commissioner Peter May said, "Going into this, we really don’t know whether there will be issues or not. It also has to do with our ability to digest it and make thoughtful and correct decisions."

The next zoning hearing on the University’s campus plan is scheduled for December 1.

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