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Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola feasibility study findings to be released on November 3

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The location of the public meeting has not yet been released

Since April of this year, ZGF Architects has conducted research on whether or not it’s possible for Washington, D.C. to construct a gondola system between Georgetown and Rosslyn.

Finally, the results of the feasibility study will be released, but not until November 3 at 6:30 p.m. The exact location of the public event has yet to be declared, but it is expected to be in Georgetown. [UPDATE: The location will be at the Georgetown Theater at 1351 Wisconsin Avenue NW. To register for the event, go to Eventbrite.]

According to a press release, the presentation will feature an overview of the transportation/economic benefits for the region; estimated costs and ridership; potential timeline; and other key findings.

The cost of the study was approximately $190,000. The idea was born out of the Georgetown Business Improvement District's Georgetown 2028 15 Year Action Plan.