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Truxton Circle may get a hotel

There’s no confirmation yet as to what the plans are for Square 617, but it’s likely a hotel

In Washington, D.C.’s Truxton Circle, there may be plans to build a hotel. UrbanTurf reported that Baywood Hotels, a privately owned hotel management company, submitted an application with the Zoning Commission to rezone the site located at 1326 North Capitol Street NW.

The site, located on the eastern portion of Square 617, on the north side of North Capitol Street NW and Hanover Place NW, currently houses two- to four-story structures, ranging from commercial to residential uses.

In the application to the Zoning Commission, the applicant requested the property be rezoned from MU-4 to MU-5-A, which will permit medium-density, compact mixed-use development. The rezoning will also increase the maximum height allowed from 50 feet to 65 feet.

Curbed reached out to Baywood Hotels for more information, but was told that no further details could be provided.