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Anacostia mega mixed-use project settles legal dispute

The partners of Reunion Square will now work together to create Anacostia’s next big project

All lawsuits are now withdrawn from Anacostia’s mega mixed-use project, Reunion Square, as reported by Washington Business Journal. On Tuesday, the partners of George Curtis III and Four Points LLC announced that they settled their legal dispute.

In April, Washington Business Journal reported that a Four Point affiliate sued Curtis Properties Inc. and connected entities in January for the alleged attempt to force the developer out of the Reunion Square project. The reasoning behind the alleged attempt to terminate the partnership was due to breached obligations.

Curtis later filed a breach of contract suit against Four Points in February, claiming the company cost Curtis millions of dollars.

At this point, it seems like all of the legal hullabaloo has resolved itself.

Reunion Square will span 1.5 million square feet with nine buildings. Across the buildings, there will be 481 residential units, 945,000 square feet of office space, and 144,000 square feet of retail space. There are no reports yet as to when construction is expected to begin.