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Rare presidential manuscript collection to land on the auction market

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See what to expect from Lion Heart Autographs’ upcoming auction

From George Washington’s inaugural speech to John F. Kennedy’s campaign notes, the public will soon have the chance to own some of the country’s rarest presidential manuscripts. On October 26, just 12 days before the presidential election, Lion Heart Autographs will host the auction, "Presidential Letters & Speeches Plus Important Autographs in History, Science & the Arts."

One of the documents that will be auctioned off is a fragment from the conclusion of George Washington’s handwritten draft of his first inaugural address, dating back over 225 years ago. Lion Heart Autographs estimates the value of this fragment to be around $150,000.

Another document to be auctioned off is John F. Kennedy’s full page of autographed notes for a 1960 presidential campaign speech. The estimated value of this document is $1,500.

Other auction highlights include Bill Clinton’s renewal of China’s Most Favored Nation status (around $1,000), an 1864 document of American artist and telegram inventor Samuel F.B. Morse (around $5,000), Jimmy Carter’s letter congratulating Neil Armstrong on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the moon landing (around $750), and the front page of The New York Times from September 12, 2001 signed by five U.S. presidents (around $8,000).

According to a press release, Lion Heart’s commission from the sale of The New York Times will be donated to the charity, Tuesday’s Children.

To register for the auction, go to Lion Heart Autographs’ website here.