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Bethesda Metro station’s new vibrant mural dedicated

Washington, D.C.-based artist Juan Pineda completed the second installment to the “Paint the Town” initiative

This Thursday, the Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP), the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District, and real estate and investment firm Brookfield dedicated the Bethesda Metro station’s massive new mural. The mural is the work of Washington, D.C.-based artist Juan Pineda.

Pineda was chosen out of a pool of 50 D.C. area artists. His murals have popped up in the D.C. area since the mid-1990s in areas like Petworth, Howard University, and Adams Morgan.

The mural is part of Bethesda’s "Paint the Town" initiative, which involves beautifying the area surrounding the Bethesda Metro. Pineda’s mural is the second installment to the initiative.

Bethesda Magazine reported that the mural cost $30,000 with the funds coming from the entertainment district, BUP, and Brookfield. A third mural is expected to be produced next year.

For images of the mural, see below.