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D.C.'s Brutalist architecture, mapped and turned into wall art

40 examples of Brutalist architecture get the limelight in Blue Crow Media’s new map

Despite everything, Brutalism is pervasive in Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, Blue Crow Media in collaboration with Architect Magazine Associate Editor Deane Madsen proved this by releasing a brand new map of 40 examples of Brutalist architecture in the nation’s capital.

The map features everything from the J. Edgar Hoover Building to Dulles Airport to Georgetown’s Lauinger Library. Even lesser known buildings get the spotlight, such as the Woman’s National Democratic Club Annex.

By mapping the structures, Madsen said there was hope that Brutalism would gain more appreciation from the public as well as longevity.

If interested in getting a copy of the map, Blue Crow Media is selling them for $10 USD plus shipping online and at the National Building Museum’s shop.

This is Blue Crow Media’s fourth architecture guide. Other guides have mapped Brutalist and Art Deco architecture in London, Constructivist architecture in Moscow, and Modernist architecture in Berlin.

For an up close look at Curbed DC’s map of Brutalist architecture in the District, go here.