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5 ways to transform your D.C. neighborhood

See what you need to know to create the next big thing in the nation’s capital

Columbia Heights, Shaw, H Street NE, Navy Yard — all of these neighborhoods have something in common, and that’s the fact that all of them have transformed over the years into hot neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. The real estate prices in these areas have skyrocketed, the number of cool bars and restaurants has risen, and more people are doing double takes, wondering where the neighborhood went.

In a recent article, D.C. reporter Jon Banister reported on Bisnow’s Hottest Corridors event and what advice developers had for those interested in taking a neighborhood and making it hot. Below, see some of the advice from the event:

  1. Create an attraction
  2. Get assistance from local governments
  3. Improve transportation
  4. Create a business improvement district
  5. Ensure that all the timing works together

For elaboration on each tip as well as quotes from developers and executives on where they see D.C.’s next big neighborhood, go to the original Bisnow article here.