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Intense West End Penthouse Cuts Price By Almost $500K

By almost half a million dollars, this oh-so-expensive Ritz-Carlton condo just recently experienced a price chop, dropping it from $6.9 million to the current $6.495 million. With three bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms in a total 4,000-square-feet, that causes this West End listing to be worth $1,624 per square. It's also worth noting that despite the price chop, the HOA dues are still a monstrous $6,080/month. The listing indicates that the penthouse was "extensively renovated" and features a mahogany library, climate-controlled wine cellar, and an upper level solarium. For those who like a little fresh air or maybe need a break from the ornate coffered ceilings and checkered flooring, the buyer also gets a rooftop terrace along with three additional terraces, totaling 2,200-square-feet.

When Curbed featured this listing in July 2015, readers weren't too pleased by the price, architecture ... pretty much everything. One anonymous commenter said, "This apartment is intended for a nouveau-riche client with no taste. Would make a good guest house for Donald Trump." Another commenter named oneglassdesigner said:

"Why would you want to feel so out of sync with the facade? Maybe buying an apartment in an older architecturally handsome building would have been smart.

Like biting into what you thought was going to be a caramel and get the unfortunate surprise that it's a nasty rum nougat with cherry (blech)." What do you think? Do you agree with these commenters and find this listing too tacky, or do you think it's actually pretty stunning and is worth its new price? Let us know in the comments.
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· 1111 23rd Street NW Ph 3F [Redfin]
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