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Lil' Wayne, George Washington Appear in's Newest, Oddest Commercial

Jeff Goldblum, move on over because Lil' Wayne and George Washington are movin' on up to's newest campaign. In a teaser commercial, George Washington calls Lil' Wayne who's chilling out on a couch besides his Platinum records. "You got the buns?" asks Lil' Wayne. Washington proceeds to take a chomp out of a sesame seed hamburger bun, replying mid-chew, "I got the buns." The words, "Change the world," then appear on the screen as Washington enters Lil' Wayne's apartment building. The date February 7, 2016 then appears with no further details on the significance, but it's worth noting that that is the same date as the Super Bowl. If plans on launching a commercial during the Super Bowl, that will mean that this will be the first ever Super Bowl campaign the real estate website has ever launched. has also created a hashtag, #MovinOnUp, which seems to imply that their search engine will allow renters to transition into a better, happier rental. When it comes to what Weezy and Washington plan on doing with those buns, we will have to wait to find out.

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