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Now You Can Create 3D Open Houses With Your iPhone

All you need is an iPhone and the InsideMaps app, and you will be able to allow Homeowners to swoop in on listings in three dimensions. It only takes a few minutes to create a 3D model. According to TechCrunch, when InsideMaps used DSLRs, it took roughly 20 minutes to upload images from a single room and four hours for a "whole house." With an iPhone, it can take under an hour to scan a "whole house" as each image automatically uploads when connected to Wi-Fi. In comparison to Matterport, this service cuts costs immensely. No need to purchase pricey DSLRs that can cost thousands of dollars.

InsideMaps CEO George Bolanos, the same founder behind the web conferencing company Wanadu, launched the app in 2013. In a press release, Co-Founder and CTO of InsideMaps Jörgen Birkler said that the app allows images that are HDR-capable and capable of 360-degree panoramas. For an example of a 3D tour, be sure to check out InsideMaps' website here.

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