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52 Buildings to See Near The Times's Places to Go, Part 1

Few things provide as strong and reliable a dose of wanderlust as The New York Times's annual 52 Places to Go feature. In addition to offering hope to those slogging through the dead of winter and fueling the fantasy that you may somehow accrue enough vacation days, business trips, and unexpected financial windfalls to afford to take a fabulous vacation every week of the year, it also offers incredible photos of pristine landscapes and urban scenery from across the globe. While there's little additional inspiration required after seeing this compendium of dream vacations (outside direct links to discount flights), we went through the list and added our own suggestions for architectural marvels and historic buildings worth adding to the itinerary. Consider our list of sights as an addition, or additional realistic background on which to project your travel fantasies.

Part one of an architectural addendum to the world travel guide >>>