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I Spy: Mannequins, Cows, Barbra Streisand in This VA Abode

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With Curbed I Spy, you can interact with listings on the market from your computer by spotting the little details that really make them unique. In this game, you will browse through photos of an Alexandria, Virginia single-family home that is currently on the market for $835,000. If there are any items that you can't seem to spot, be sure to leave a comment, and the location will be revealed.

From a cow to seven bras hung up in display, it's your job to journey through the ins and outs of this Alexandria listing and find all 10 items listed below. Some of the highlights of this four-bedroom, two-bathroom single-family home include its track lighting, white kitchen cabinets, and painted over wood paneling. Asking $835,000, this listing was built in 1954 and features floor-to-ceiling windows as well as mannequins. Seriously, there are mannequins everywhere in this home. Odd. While playing Curbed I Spy, if you can't seem to find one of the items, be sure to let us know in the comments, and the location will be revealed.

· A cow
· A Calder mobile
· What looks like some kind of pineapple tiki mask
· A watermelon
· Seven bras
· A Barbra Streisand purse
· "Bah Humbug"
· A fire extinguisher
· One of those big exercise ball things
· Raggedy Ann

· 7106 Rebecca Drive [Estately]
· Play more I Spy [Curbed DC]
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