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A Stoop Without a Home is Rolling Around Washington, D.C.

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Stoops are a passing trend in Washington, D.C., and one artist is working to make this trend live on. Four times a week since the start of August, Margo Elsayd has rolled a mobile stoop around the city, from Edgewood to NoMa to Logan Circle and beyond. This is all part of The Mobile Community Stoop Project, an interactive sculpture where people are invited to sit, relax, and converse on the sculpture. In an interview with CityLab, Elsayd said, "Stoops were created as a social device, for people to connect with one another and hang out and talk." Her hopes with her sculpture are to bring people together in the community. To follow the sculpture's journey, check out the Facebook page here.
· Why There's a Mobile Stoop Roving Around Washington, D.C. [CityLab]