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The Most Serious, Silly, and Sensational Stories of Summer '15

We know what you did last summer, and that was read as many Curbed DC articles as possible. Some of the more serious articles included where you can find Washington, D.C.'s safest and most dangerous neighborhoods, the negative effects of the Height Act, and how vape businesses are booming in Washington, D.C., but not for long. There were some ridiculous listings that landed on the market like an $899,000 one-car garage, a castle, and brothel. We also got a little silly with an Oval Office Dress Up game and home suggestions for Pope Francis, Donald Trump, and various characters from Game of Thrones. And how could we forget about Japan's plans to build a bullet train from D.C. to Baltimore?

To help out our readers, we also hosted Renters Week with content like a list of the most expensive rentals on the market and a beginner's guide to renting. Since maps are fun and dandy, we featured maps of UFO sightings, female statues, outdoor art, underrated museums, where you can find hipsters and yuppies, gentrification, and, of course, a map of where the rent is too damn high in the D.C. area.

We danced when the Cuban embassy reopened. We got spooked with these real estate horror stories. We tried to get lucky when all you needed were a few words to win a farm, a single-family home, and a tiny home. And we laughed like idiots at Sharknado 3 because why not?

For the next few months, be sure to stay tuned for the chosen location of the Washington Wizards' practice facility, gondolas in Arlington or Georgetown, the unveiling of Ellsworth Place Mall, and progress on the planned Eisenhower Memorial.

Are there any past articles on Curbed DC that you would love to see an update on? Let us know in the comments or email us at our tipline.

Below, you'll find a list of the top five most read articles from June 1 to September 4:

1) Michelle Obama Unveils Revamped White House Dining Room

This past July, First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled the White House's State Dining Room first major renovation since 1998. The renovation totaled $590,000 and came with new arm chairs, side chairs, and draperies.

2) Take a Tour of Washington, D.C.'s Biggest Ball Pit, the BEACH!

From July 4 to September 7, the National Building Museum invited guests to dive into Washington, D.C.'s most massive ball pit. The installation, called The BEACH, was designed by New York-based design firm Snarkitecture and featured nearly one million recyclable translucent plastic balls. Later this fall, expect the ball pit to return as an art installation at the underground visual art and performance space, Dupont Underground.

3) Massive, Unkept Mansion on Kent Island Lists for $2.5M

This Kent Island home isn't perfect, but it sure is massive. With an asking price of $2.5 million, it offers over 18 acres of land, a 180-degree waterfront view, and a spacious ballroom.

4) Julia Child's Georgetown Home Lands on the Market for $1.1M

This drab and dingy Georgetown abode has seen better days, especially when it was in the hands of legendary American chef Julia Child. In the mid-1950s, Child gave cooking lessons in the kitchen. This past June, the four-bed townhome landed on the market with an asking price of $1.1 million before being snatched up one month later for an undisclosed price.

5) Where to Watch the 4th of July Fireworks in D.C., 2015 Edition

This map of the best locations to see the Fourth of July fireworks may not seem useful in, say, September or November, but you can use the map as a resource for where to find green spaces or great views of Washington, D.C.