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Which Home Makeover is the Best? Cast Your Vote!

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This past year has seen not only new homes on the market, but fresh makeovers as well. One Kalorama row house transformed from a dull beige color to a brighter blue, while in American University Park, a single-family home got a full makeover, covering up its dull red bricks with a stark white. In your opinion, which new look is the best? Let us know by voting in our poll or leaving a comment. If there are any other extreme home makeovers that you think should be featured in Curbed DC, email us at our tipline.

↑ Renovation 1: 2208 Q Street NW

In Kalorama, this six-bedroom townhome is on the market for $2,299,900. It was last sold in September 2014 for $1.6 million. Now, back on the market, it includes top-of-the-line finishes and a new, blue facade.

↑ Renovation 2: 4725 Massachusetts Avenue NW
After only a few months off the market, this American University Park single-family home returned with a much brighter, more vibrant facade. Rather than the dull red brick, instead it is now a striking white with red front doors as a nice addition. The abode was last sold in January 2015 for $1.2 million and is back on the market for $2.195 million.
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