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See How D.C. House Prices Stack Up Against Other Global Cities

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For the price of a condo in Washington, D.C., you could instead pay for a listing in a dreamy European neighborhood. As one of the nation's most expensive markets, it's hard to know just how much money is actually worth paying to live in the nation's capital. In the neighborhood-level reporting start-up, NeighborhoodX, you can discover how Washington, D.C. housing prices stack up against other global cities. In the map, you will find that residents of Burleith may find more comfort in Salamanca, a neighborhood in Madrid with comparable $454/square foot prices. Those in NoMa could use the same amount of money (around $509/square foot) into an abode in the Dublin neighborhood, Ranelagh. If you'd rather head down South to warmer climates like Mexico, release yourself from your downtown Silver Spring home for a beach resort at Playa del Carmen, which costs around $242/square foot. Of course, in the end, it's all moot because there ain't no city like the District of Columbia. For now, just do yourself a favor and don't research how beautiful those global cities are because it might just make you cry.

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