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Papal-Themed Food Specials; The Best of the Currywurst

THE POPEGet these papal-themed food specials before they're gone.

BEERHere are the newest additions to D.C.'s brewery scene.

EATER MAPSGorge on wings at these spots with specials.
PENN QUARTER— DBGB's chef still wants to cook for the President.

LUNCHAdd these new restaurants to the midday repertoire.

NAVY YARD— Brooklyn Winery is coming to town as District Winery.

EATER GUIDESHere are the best food festivals this fall.

SAUSAGECelebrate Oktoberfest with currywurst.

NATIONAL HARBOR— Here's what diners have to say about Edward Lee's Succotash.

JOSE ANDRESCheck out the celebrity chef's branding advice.

LOGAN CIRCLE— Jason Schreuder will take over as chef at Cork Wine Bar

EATER MAPS— Now that it's fall, try these apple desserts