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Mapping the D.C. Area's Air Pollution in Real Time

While the general public may believe that the worst of the worst pollution can be found in India and China, there are areas of the United States that have an unhealthy amount of air pollution. With this real-time, interactive map created by Beijing-based environmental group Air Quality Index China, you can find out what your and other communities' Air Quality Index (AQI) is. The AQI scale ranges from 0 to over 300 with the lower number representing the least amount of air pollution and the higher number representing the highest According to CityLab, the group worked with environmental protection agencies in more than 70 countries and continuously collects data from more than 5,900 feeds coming from more than 8,000 air-quality-monitoring stations in nearly 1,000 cities. In the D.C. area, the AQI ranges from eight in Ashburn and Rockville to 30 in Fairfax County, which means that the air pollution is very minimal in the area.
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