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DMV Area Ranked As 40th Most Affordable for Families

Despite Washington, D.C. having the second highest median income in the nation, the area's steep home prices still cause cause families to have to pinch pennies to get the kind of homes they're yearning for. Personal finance website NerdWallet recently ranked the 100 largest Metropolitan areas in the U.S. by which cities allow "an average family" to live the most comfortably—or with the biggest house on the block. The website analyzed each area's median family income, taxes, housing costs, and home prices. The Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria area ranked as the 40th most affordable Metro area in the nation. With the median family income in the D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria area at $130,388, NerdWallet suggests families search for homes around $511,656 with 2,517-square-feet of space. Topping the list as the most affordable state was Ohio, while the least affordable states included California and Florida. The number one most affordable Metro area went to none other than Indianapolis, Indiana.
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