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Young Guns and Groundbreakers: ISO the Brightest Young Stars of Architecture & Design

Curbed is once again on the hunt for the nation's top up-and-coming designers—as-yet-under-the-radar professionals showing extraordinary promise in challenging the status quo of the architecture and design industry. This year we're doing things a little differently: Instead of one class of Young Guns encompassing all facets of design, we're awarding architects with a separate honor, called Groundbreakers, because, let's be real: It takes a long time to conceptualize and create a building. Setting an age limit excludes too many nascent design practices.

So let us introduce Groundbreakers, Curbed's first-ever search for architects, seasoned and new, who are making innovative work that's changing the way the built world functions—from a 20-year veteran who's radicalizing how cities design affordable housing to the precocious recent graduate who built a solar-powered micro home.

Don't worry: we're not doing away with Young Guns. Instead, we're broadening the scope to include anyone working in the design industry, including interiors, furniture, graphics, industrial design, landscape, urban planning, and more. Affordable furniture makers going head to head with Ikea. Engineers launching apps that revolutionize how you decorate your home. Urban planners rethinking smart streets. Landscape designers creating new water-wise solutions. Retailers providing greater access to locally-manufactured goods.

The rules are simple: All candidates must be based in the United States, and Young Guns nominees must be under the age of 35 or have been in the business for less than five years (education excluded). There is no age limit for Groundbreakers. For both awards, we're looking for candidates with tangible work, and Groundbreakers nominees must have completed at least one built project.

We want Curbed Young Guns and Groundbreakers to be the most democratic of awards, so we're opening up the nomination process to everyone. Yes, everyone. Starting this very second, we're asking for your suggestions right over here for Young Guns and over here for Groundbreakers. The nomination process will be open through October 1, and you can absolutely send in more than one name. Once we've amassed our talent, we'll select the best of the best and fete them on Curbed this November.

Know someone who deserves to be honored as a Young Gun or Groundbreaker? We want to hear about it! Fill out the nomination form here or here; if you have additional supporting materials, please send them our way at or
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