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Trump's Claims on Capitol Dome Scaffolding Refuted

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"What the hell are they doing?" asked Donald Trump at this past Monday's visit to Dallas. His question was surprisingly not targeted towards subjects like immigration or Megyn Kelly, but instead the $60 million renovation of the U.S. Capitol. According to the Republican presidential front-runner, there are plans to take the building's scaffolding off before the inauguration and then reinstall it after the ceremony. While stating that he got his facts from "a construction firm that's involved in the job," he said, "If I win, I will let the scaffolding stay up ... We'll save millions of dollars." In the video, he further stated:

"I like the idea of the scaffolding being down when they're swearing me in. I do. I don't want to see all this scaffolding all over the place. I want to see that beautiful rooftop ... But you know what? I told them, I said, 'Why don't you just move faster? Work faster. Get it done so you take it down, [and then] you don't have to put it up.' They said, 'We never thought of that.' Can you believe that?" No, not really. Spokesman Justin Kieffer from the office of the Architect of the Capitol told NBC, "The project is still on schedule to be complete before the next presidential inauguration. There is no plan to put scaffolding back up on the Dome after the inauguration." Sorry, Trump, but it looks like you're going to have to fact check whatever construction firms come your way from now on. Or you can just rest your weary head over here.
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