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Dupont Underground's Grand Opening Delayed Until Mid-Fall

Washington, D.C.'s subterranean trolley station, otherwise known as Dupont Underground, was first set to open in July 2015, but was later pushed forward a few months to September. Now, it looks like there's no telling when the visual art and performance space will open. According to Dupont Underground Managing Director Braulio Agnese, there have been further delays in the process, causing the space to not be able to make its public debut until mid-fall. "The permissions process always takes longer than one would like, and then there's the fact that the Dupont Underground is a project with almost no precedent in the District, complicating things a bit more," Agnese said. The concepts for the underground space include building a winery, restaurant, and even a hotel. He told Curbed DC that eventually there will be a series of "open houses" for curators, artists, designers, the media, and the general public, but he was unable to pin down when they would be held. For now, there are no specific dates being committed to right now.
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